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We deliver a unique resilience programme

Unique Tools

Our Resilience for Health and Wellbeing Course effectively trains people to have the resilience they need to deal with life’s ups and downs, to change their response to stress in any given situation, and provides them with the resources they need to resolve many common long term sickness issues.

Health Issues

A wide range of issues can be addressed within the Resilience for Health and Wellbeing Course including:
Stress & anxiety
Chronic pain


Developed from research into health psychology, positive psychology, coaching and NLP, this programme combines proven and cutting edge concepts in an engaging and readily accessible way.

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Fiona Finch

Lead Trainer
Fiona is an experienced trainer across the public and private sectors. Her background is in Occupational Therapy and she is also an experienced NLP and Lightning Process Practitioner.

Pippa Adamson

Lead Trainer
Pippa holds a post-graduate diploma in facilitation,coaching and leadership, several NLP qualifications and is an Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner

Jude Hogarth

Lead Trainer
Jude is an NLP Practitioner,Lightning Process practitioner, Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
She is also an award-winning author on managing sickness absence in the workplace with a background in employment law.

Phil Parker

Programme Designer
The author of 4 books on the psychology of health, happiness and genius, Phil is also one of the world’s few Master trainers in NLP, the designer of the Lightning Process seminars, an osteopath and a PhD researcher in health psychology
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